XLS Padlock

XLS Padlock 2021.1

Copy security, licensing, VBA and formula protection

XLS Padlock gives you hassle-free and effective Microsoft Excel workbook copy-protection. It offers solutions for all Excel users who want to distribute their workbooks and even earn money from them. Compile any Excel spreadsheet into EXE applications while having encrypted working formulas, safeguarded VBA code (even compiled into binary format with our integrated VBA compiler) and lots of useful security features:
- prevent illegal copies of your workbooks by hardware-locking or dongle/USB protection.
- keep your VBA code in macros really private by turning VBA code parts into binary.
- show your own End User License Agreement (EULA).
- display your own company logo (we do not show our company name on your workbooks) or even a custom splash screen at startup.
- workbook changes made by customers are securely stored and restored at will. They can even send you their changes safely.
- apps can expire after a given number of days or runs, or on a specific date. A trial reminder message can be displayed at startup.
- disable toolbar, ribbon and standard Excel actions such as print, copy to clipboard, save as...
- use your own version information, copyright, company name and icon in workbook EXE files.
- control who can access your workbook thanks to online activation and remote control from your web server.
- sell workbooks in your own online shops or set up subscriptions to earn regular money thanks to the free PHP kits provided by XLS Padlock.
- hide Microsoft Excel on startup.
- the original Excel workbook is never modified.
- automatically apply a code signature to your spreadsheet EXE files before distribution
- create an installer for your workbook EXE files with shortcut creation, EULA and uninstaller.

Spreadsheet EXE applications are stand-alone and only require Microsoft Excel to work. All Excel functionalities are handled.
All Excel versions and bitness (x86 or x64) are supported. Full documentation available at https://www.xlspadlock.com

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